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                                     Fran Goucher



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                  As passionate as I am about enjoying life, I am more passionate about creating unique, animated wood sculptures. I joke with friends that I developed this passion as one of the confused middle children in a family of twelve. As a child I became a natural at "thinking outside of the box" to be creative and distinguish myself from the "pack" (often to the dismay of my parents). These traits are what led me to formally study art and are I believe strongly reflected in my wood sculptures.

Let me know if you agree!


 I take considerable license on nature’s designs when sculpting my animals and people. All sculptures are  indoor sculptures, and each piece is created from numerous natural colored woods, lending themselves to animate each individual sculpture.



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All of my sculptures  are one-of-a kind. 

*No dyes , stains or paints are used, all colors are the natural color of the wood.

fgoce@aol.com - thelocaloverheaddoor.com