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                                     Fran Goucher



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(Nearly Completed Sculptures)

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26"H x 5"D x 14"W

Wood: Poplar

"Striped Bird"


8"H x 15.5W x 5"D

Wood: Yellow Cedar

"Wings at Dusk"


13"H x 10"D x 23"W

Wood: Wienge and Walnut

"Wall Tree"


49.5"H x 1"D x 21"W


"Sunday Stroll"


16"H x 8"D x 11"W

Wood: Mahogany

"Star War"


"In for a Landing"

"Choir Boy"

"untitled "

"Neanderthal Bust"

"Nesting Eagle"



All of my sculptures  are one-of-a kind. 

*No dyes , stains or paints are used, all colors are the natural color of the wood.